When presented with a problem I tend to see the solution as a snapshot encompassing the depth and breadth of whatever is presented. What is usually wanted is an answer that is some subset of that snapshot. Naked bear just walked by. Unfortunately, I tend to try spewing out the entire thing and make the answer worse than the original problem.  The solution would be to filter my responses down to the immediate subject at hand. This entails taking what is a full picture and editing out the relevant bits and then pushing those out in a coherent linear sequence. When writing this is more easily done then when talking off the cuff. There I have varying degrees of success. Often the result is my stuttering out the answer as too much information heads for the door at the same time. The other issue is that even if I do limit the information stream  and it comes out it in a somewhat smooth sequence, the sequence is wrong. The result is confusion, not enlightenment. There are times though when I am ‘on’, often when I am tired, and everything just flows. The key would seem to be that when I tired my mind is less active and more pliable to linear thinking. In other words I tend to be more focused, because I have less energy to cast a wide net. How to capture that focus? Bear being chased by rabbit now.  I like letting my mind loose, it is my natural instinct. The act of writing tends to force focus, this piece notwithstanding, so one way would be to only talk off a written script. Churchill was quoted as saying many of his ‘extemporaneous’ speeches came from written preparation. If I remember correctly something on the order of three hours prep for each hour of speech.  While that works for quite a few situations, it not a complete solution. A more concerted effort of pre-editing the information stream would seem to be the general solution. Leave my kitchen sink thoughts to myself. Bear up a tree, rabbit barking. I can see a lot of biting my tongue in the future