Starting out

My attempt at extended thought on Facebook  ran into a character limit for status messages.  I have thought about cranking up a Blog for some time now;  the Facebook  limit has motivated me to start.  Per the title of this site the entries will cover a spectrum of topics.  To get a sense of where the ideas come from, some background. I am at heart a scientist. I have a BS in Fisheries Science and an MS in Environmental Science and my father is Geologist. Science is what I have known since I can remember.  That being said, it is not what I do now. At this point in time I am a duly licensed General Contractor in the  state of Washington. The reality is that I am a glorified handy man. The path to this has been anything but straight.  In roughly chronological order the stops have been– grocery store stocker, catfish farmer, crop duster loader, monument(headstones) installer, greenhouse worker, delivery driver, greenhouse maintenance supervisor, landscaper, retail nursery sales, budding software developer, self employed contractor.  Basically a testament to a restless mind.  The good is that I have learned a lot, the bad is it involved starting over many times. There are many lessons and stories to tell and over the course of time I will cover them one way or another. For now though I will stick to what I call Adrians Rules of Life. There are five and like most things they are not necessarily original to me.   They  do however seem to encapsulate my experiences. With out further ado the rules, further detail to follow:

1) The good will take care of itself, its the bad you have to plan for.
2) Easy is difficult.
3) Its all the same problem.
4) The more I know the less I know.
5) Don’t depend on a negative.

1 thought on “Starting out

  1. Those sounds like a set of good themes for your blog. I bet you’ll be able to tell many stories from each one.

    My father is also a geo/paleo/minerologist. I grew up much the outdoors, in the Mojave desert, hunting fossils and minerals. Likewise, I did not follow in natural sciences.

    Have you wired up your WP rss feed into your FB account?

    Looking forward to your next post.

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